ITA: Invitation to Apply for Canada Permanent Residence Visa ITA: Invitation to Apply for Canada Permanent Residence Visa - Immigrate To Canada

ITA: Invitation to Apply for Canada Permanent Residence Visa

ITA: Invitation to Apply for Canada Permanent Residence Visa

Invitation to apply (ITA) offers you a chance to meet all requirements for applying a changeless Canadian living arrangement. When you get an ITA, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada additionally directs you through to pick the most appropriate skilled immigration program alongside telling you how to apply for a perpetual home in Canada.

One thing that you should be very clear about is the way that insignificant accepting an ITA doesn't make you qualified for being a changeless resident in Canada. Getting an ITA just makes you qualified to apply for a changeless home in Canada by means of an application that can be either acknowledged or dismissed.


While filling in the data in the Express Entry Profile, you have to dodge any chance of an escape clause most definitely. Filling in your Express Entry Profile with pseudo data won't just aim it to be dismissed, yet in addition make you defenseless for additional discipline. On the off chance that any sort of injustice is found in your application, you may even be restricted in Canada. Much of the time you may even be precluded to enter Canada in any capacity for length of five years straight.

The Process

Once you receive an ITA, it is mandatory that you submit your application for permanent residence in Canada within 90 days of getting it. Also, you need to make sure to fulfill some other miscellaneous formalities within 60days of receiving an ITA. Take a look at these –
  • Language Test Results – Keeping a check on the validity of your language test results should be your first priority as an applicant. Generally, language test results are valid for two years. In order to go pass the formalities of ITA successfully, it is crucial that your language test results are valid on the day of your application submission. In case you find out that the validity of your language test will expire before the date of your application submission, it is crucial that you retort to other options like; get the test again or decline the ITA.
  • Procuring a Police Certificate – It is mandatory to procure a police certificate for applicants who receive an ITA. Procuring a police certificate can be time taking task, hence it is better that you start collecting these as soon as possible. More so because you will be required to provide a police certificate for each county in which you have lived for 6 months or more as an adult.
  • Program Specifications – Another important factor that you need to keep in mind while submitting your application is to make sure that you fulfill all the needs of the skilled immigration program that you had selected.
  • Personal Information – Maintaining a high Comprehensive Ranking System score is quite important to increase the chances of getting a permanent residence in Canada. A change in your personal situation can at times lower this score and in such cases it is always a better idea to decline the ITA. The most common reasons that cause to lower this score happens to be losing out on a job offer, language test scores that turn out to be expired, or losing out on provincial nomination for permanent residence etc. On the other hand, there are a number of factors that can contribute to either increase or lower these scores. One such factor is adding a spouse. This is something that will push you towards obtaining higher or lower scores, all on the basis of your partner’s language skills, education, as well as chances of settling in Canada. 

What happens when you turn down an ITA?

There are a number of scenarios in which it is always a better idea to decline an ITA. It is so on the grounds that declining an ITA despite everything leaves you alone qualified to fill in the Express Entry application whenever. Declining an Invitation to Apply doesn't in any capacity negatively affect your odds to get an ITA later on. Consequently, it is fitting that you spare yourself from getting expelled from the Express Entry pool, by not utilizing the alternative to decay an ITA. While you are in the pool of up-and-comers who are qualified for the Express Entry process, you should work on staying up with the latest. In this circumstance, you should likewise attempt to get a high Comprehensive Ranking Points score by snatching a job opportunity, getting selection through territory, or obtaining high language test scores. Last however not the least, you should likewise know about the way that not reacting to an ITA can straight away decrease you of any possibility later on to get past the Express Entry pool for changeless living arrangement.