Canada Immigration: Different Categories of Canadian Permanent Residence For Immigrants Canada Immigration: Different Categories of Canadian Permanent Residence For Immigrants - Immigrate To Canada

Canada Immigration: Different Categories of Canadian Permanent Residence For Immigrants

Canada Immigration: Different Categories of Canadian Permanent Residence For Immigrants

I realize you are here for the fact that you are searching for ways by which you can effectively relocate to Canada without issues while I am going to impart to you various classifications of changeless living arrangement which you can apply for. So picking one won't be an issue as they will be clarified in a nitty gritty way.

A great deal of immigrate are continually considering moving to Canada in light of the nation neighborliness to immigrants and they are constantly keen on having new individuals from various societies in their nation who are prepared to comprehend theirs and live in an easily nation and offer their own commitment to the development of the nation.

Having a lasting home card in Canada is much the same as being a resident of the nation however there are a few contrasts which I will call attention to. Perpetual Residence gives you an incredible chance to take an interest in any action separated from casting a ballot during a political race or partaking in a political race.

Basically, there are six (6) main categories of Permanent Residence which you can apply for, they are;

1. Family Class Immigration

This is one of the easiest category of permanent residence which has to do with your family or relative in Canada. If you have a family member or relative already in Canada with a permanent residence then it will play a long way when it comes to securing yours faster than someone who has no one in the country. A lot of families in Canada right now are gotten from family sponsoring which is known to work and used a lot.

2. Skilled Worker Class Immigration

A lot of interested immigrant are aware of this category as it is one of the most widely used means of getting a permanent residence in Canada. This is a category were applicants are selected based on their ability to add to the development of the country. An applicant is scanned through different means such as work experience, age, skills, knowledge and education. All these play a long role when it comes selecting them from a pool of other applicants.
Generally, there are over 1 million applicant generally worldwide apply through Skilled worker class.

3. Provincial Nomination

Provincial Nomination is a province controlled nomination which the said province nominate an applicant for permanent residence card. A group of applicant apply to different province hoping to be selected for this. The Province only has the power to nominate a set of applicant for this.

4. Quebec Selected Immigration

Quebec is one of the thirteen provinces and territories of Canada which has an agreement which the Canada government on them selecting who they want to be given Permanent Residence. They are selected based on the potential positive impact they can do to the society or community in Canada. They are mostly, works, business creators, entrepreneurs, families, even students and so on.
They are now presented to the Canadian government as the selected applicant and will further go to process their PR. There is even a norm of selected Quebec applicants getting their Permanent residence first before any other applicant out there.

5. Business Class Immigration

Business individual who are interested in building business and creating jobs for Canadians are usually smiled upon as they are also given permanent residence also if they are interested after passing through different checks such as their net worth, capacity and so on. 
Business class immigration can be said to be divided into 3 other subcategories which are below,
  • Self-employed individuals
  • Investors
  • Entrepreneurs
There are the ways or categories of permanent residence if you are considering for one. Canada is an interesting and well informed environment for you to develop yourself and also share your input into such a country.